Advice 1: How to get rid of mucus in the body

One of the versions of the appearance of mucus in the human body is that it forms a cooked food, which over time, enveloping the entire gastrointestinal tract and other organs, increases the weight, prevents nutrients to be absorbed, and generally harm people. In the truest sense of the word, it is, of course, no. It is a collective image of the "alien material" that accumulates in our intestine. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables, as a "broom" cleansing the body from such unwanted deposits and helps prevent diseases.
How to get rid of mucus in the body
Refrain or limit the use of products that contribute to the formation of excessive mucus: some kinds of porridge, noodles, a variety of sweets, potatoes, cheese, milk, meats, fatty foods, salt, meat, alcohol. We should not exclude from the diet, but it is advisable to limit the consumption of cooked food, yogurt, cheese and yogurt.
Organize your diet properly, that is pay attention to the foods that promotes the removal or preventing the accumulation of mucus. The main diet for this period will be to eat raw food (cooking need what they can not eat raw) and fruit-vegetable diet. However, not all vegetables and fruits can be equally useful.
Products most suitable for this problem: cereals and legumes: buckwheat, barley, rye, lentils, kidney beans; vegetables: asparagus, carrots, broccoli, celery, garlic, radish, cabbage, beets, parsley, onions; fruits: oranges, lime, lemons, grapefruits, pineapples, but the most recommended fruits; seeds and nuts, poppy and sunflower seeds; vegetable oils: mustard oil and sesame oil; spices such as black pepper, Clary sage, anise, fennel seeds, Basil, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, coriander; products of animal origin, whey and buttermilk; sweetness: only the old med.
Engage in physical labor. When excess mucus in the body, is extremely necessary. Will fit a variety of strength exercises. But don't get carried away, because due to heavy load in the body is converted into lactic acid, which contributes to stagnation of mucus. If you want to get rid of excess mucus by using medicines, consult your doctor.
Winter swimming and a variety of other cold treatments is strictly prohibited. On the contrary, welcomed by a hot compress of wool, the heated sand or stones. Also a good hot bath.
Useful advice
Very useful during this period, massage of the whole body. You can apply manual therapy on back and joints.

Advice 2 : How to cleanse the body of mucus

Congestion and disruption of the functioning of the mucous membranes are the causes of many diseases – cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive disorders, diseases of the digestive system, etc. to Bring the accumulated mucus from the body will help a special diet and body cleansing.
How to cleanse the body of mucus
You will need
  • - salt or chamomile flowers;
  • - black pepper;
  • lemon juice, horseradish root, carrot juice.
Clean the intestines. Prepare a mixture for enemas – stir in warm boiled water, a little salt, or pour boiling water over dried chamomile flowers. Allow to cool to body temperature and follow the procedure. With the same purpose, you can take a mild laxative of vegetable origin. This evening give up dinner and relax.
Fasting for 1.5 days. If a person is healthy and already has a practice of fasting, then you can immediately stick to the 36-hour abstinence from food. Those who cleanses the body of mucus for the first time, it is recommended to shorten the time of the hunger strike – until the day. Out of fasting, start with fresh fruits and juices made from them. Fruit juices loosen up the mucous mass in the intestine, and fiber removes undigested globs from the body. The following meals should include vegetables and vegetable juices, nuts. Over time, the duration of fasting can increase to 3-4 days – this time period is to drink water with lemon in small SIPS (3 liters a day).
Discard food that forms mucus. After the colon cleansing is important to prevent the accumulation of mucus, so you should remove from the diet foods and dishes that contribute to clogging of the body – cakes, noodles, potatoes, cereals, ice cream, fatty dairy products and cheeses, white bread, etc.
Observe the conditions of rational nutrition. Chew the meat carefully and long – saliva neutralizes the slime and makes the food suitable for further digestion. Along with the cooked food you need to eat raw food, which should be three times more. Drink plenty of pure water.
Periodically clean the body from mucus black pepper. Mucus neutralized products with a sharp and bitter taste. Cleaning the black pepper carried out every three days for three weeks followed by a break for three months. A teaspoon of black pepper you need to eat, drink clean water, without chewing. The procedure is performed in the evening, after lunch and before dinner.
Dissolve mucus and lemon juice. Grind fresh horseradish root (150 grams) and mix it with the juice of 5 lemons – take a teaspoon morning and evening. Drink mixture should fresh carrot juice or infusion of herbs.

Advice 3 : Why do I get mucus

Mucus is a viscous substance covering the surface of the respiratory, digestive and urogenital tracts also, in small quantities it is contained in the cavity of the conjunctiva. In some States the amount of mucus in the body increases, which is manifested by external changes or abnormalities in laboratory values.
Why do I get mucus
Mucus is a secret of goblet cells of the epithelium. The name of these cells are received by a special form: they have a narrow base that contains the basic organelles and broad tip, in which mucus accumulates.Goblet cells contained in the epithelium of the conjunctiva. The mucusthat they produce, together with the lacrimal fluid moistens the corneal surface and reduce the friction of the eyeball movements. When inflammation of the conjunctiva the amount of secretions of goblet cells increases, which is outwardly manifested by the accumulation of mucus at the inner corners of the eyes. Goblet cells in the respiratory tract are all over the Airways, from the nasal cavity and ending with the terminal bronchioles of the lungs. Excreted mucus moistens the inhaled air, adsorbs dust particles and protects against the penetration of pathogens of respiratory infections. If the mucus is produced in normal amounts, it looks invisible. Colds, inflammatory and allergic processes, its amount sharply increases, which is manifested by runny nose and cough with phlegm. Slime cells are found in the esophagus, the stomach undergastricgland and th throughout the intestines. Their secret protects shell from damage by the digestive juices and rude lumps of food, promotes easy passage of the bolus in the direction of the waves of peristalsis. The amount of mucus in the gastrointestinal tract is increased in gastritis, duodenitis, colitis, pancreatitis, proctitis, and other inflammatory diseases. Objectively, this condition is manifested by appearance of significant amounts of mucus in gastric or duodenal intubation, endoscopy, examination of stool. Normal small amount of mucus on the surface of the urinary tract. It is necessary to protect against the introduction of bacteria. Mucus is so small that it can not be detected in tests, but with the development of urethritis and cystitis, its volume increases significantly.The secret of goblet cells located in the mucous membranes of the reproductive system of men and women. He also performs a protective function, and its amount increases with the development of local inflammation. For mucus in the cervical canal of the cervix, in addition to the above properties share one characteristic: its amount increases during ovulation. This is a normal reaction of the body, as cervical mucus is the original guide sperm into the uterus for further fertilization.
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