You will need
  • - salt or chamomile flowers;
  • - black pepper;
  • lemon juice, horseradish root, carrot juice.
Clean the intestines. Prepare a mixture for enemas – stir in warm boiled water, a little salt, or pour boiling water over dried chamomile flowers. Allow to cool to body temperature and follow the procedure. With the same purpose, you can take a mild laxative of vegetable origin. This evening give up dinner and relax.
Fasting for 1.5 days. If a person is healthy and already has a practice of fasting, then you can immediately stick to the 36-hour abstinence from food. Those who cleanses the body of mucus for the first time, it is recommended to shorten the time of the hunger strike – until the day. Out of fasting, start with fresh fruits and juices made from them. Fruit juices loosen up the mucous mass in the intestine, and fiber removes undigested globs from the body. The following meals should include vegetables and vegetable juices, nuts. Over time, the duration of fasting can increase to 3-4 days – this time period is to drink water with lemon in small SIPS (3 liters a day).
Discard food that forms mucus. After the colon cleansing is important to prevent the accumulation of mucus, so you should remove from the diet foods and dishes that contribute to clogging of the body – cakes, noodles, potatoes, cereals, ice cream, fatty dairy products and cheeses, white bread, etc.
Observe the conditions of rational nutrition. Chew the meat carefully and long – saliva neutralizes the slime and makes the food suitable for further digestion. Along with the cooked food you need to eat raw food, which should be three times more. Drink plenty of pure water.
Periodically clean the body from mucus black pepper. Mucus neutralized products with a sharp and bitter taste. Cleaning the black pepper carried out every three days for three weeks followed by a break for three months. A teaspoon of black pepper you need to eat, drink clean water, without chewing. The procedure is performed in the evening, after lunch and before dinner.
Dissolve mucus and lemon juice. Grind fresh horseradish root (150 grams) and mix it with the juice of 5 lemons – take a teaspoon morning and evening. Drink mixture should fresh carrot juice or infusion of herbs.