You will need
  • chicken, Jaco;
  • - orris oil;
  • - sea water or salt solution;
  • - drops 2% solution "mummy";
  • - horseradish, lemons.
If the disease is just beginning, use methods to help warm up the nose. Hard boil a couple of eggs and attach them on both sides of the wings of the nose, hold the eggs until they cool down. Visit bath helps to warm up the body. Try to keep the head in the bath was in the lowered position. To prevent the disease of the nose, RUB the chest with violet oil and drink barley water, adding boiled violets, and juice of sweet pomegranate.
After warm up, perform the procedure nasal lavage sea water or salt solution. Close one nostril and the other try to "suck" water into the nasal cavity, spit out water through the mouth. You do the procedure alternately on the left and right nostril.
In order to start the mechanism of natural purification of mucus and pus in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, bury the nose the drug with an extract of cyclamen, has the property to strengthen local immunity. It is also helpful to apply drops of 2% solution "mummy". Bury them in the nose to 5 times per day and take in about 10 days (0.15 g). Should be treated 3 to 4 months with interruptions in 5 days.
To speed up the process of discharge of mucous accumulation in the maxillary sinuses, take a mixture of horseradish, grated from the lemons. 2-3 lemon is 150 g of horseradish. Take a mixture of ½ teaspoon twice daily on an empty stomach.
With regard to medical procedures at the initial stage of the disease using a method of treatment of sinusitisas "Cuckoo". The procedure is painless, easily tolerated. The nose is washed by moving the fluid, cleaning the nasal passages of mucus and pus. Treatment usually involves up to 7 procedures, but after the first session the patient's condition significantly improved.
Severe stage of sinusitis, when the pus becomes thick, and to restore the patency of the nasal passages is not possible, treated with puncture of the maxillary sinus. Puncture needs to be done, otherwise you will not be able to drain the pus and mucus, rinse maxillary sinus with the help of antibacterial drugs, relieve swelling, inflammation and pain. The result of the procedure begins to decline the pressure on the walls of the sinuses, stop headaches, and improves overall health.