You will need
  • Horseradish root, lemon, baking soda, chamomile, raspberry leaves and black currant, honey
First seek help to the doctor. After examination he will prescribe appropriate treatment and rest during the first days of the disease. You may need to drink a course of antibiotics.
Make a steam inhalation. Pour boiling water into a small pan or bowl and allow to cool slightly for 3-5 minutes. Cover with a towel and bend your head over the water. Do slowly inhale and exhale, breathe over the steam for about 10 minutes. This procedure should be repeated several times during the day, and soon you will feel the accumulation of mucus begins to decrease.
To get rid of mucus in your throat will help the horseradish juice. However, it should not be consumed due to the high content of essential substances. Grate the horseradish on a grater. In the resulting slurry add lemon juice. A hundred and fifty grams of grated horseradish will need the juice of three lemons. Take this mixture on an empty stomach twice a day for half a teaspoon. This treatment is recommended in order to get rid of mucus in the throat and in the treatment of angina, pneumonia, sinusitis and pharyngitis.
Gargle as often as possible. Make a decoction of chamomile. 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile pour a Cup of hot water. After 5-10 minutes strain the broth, cool to lukewarm and gargle their throats.
Gargling soda solution is an old proven recipe. For its preparation take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve it in 0.5 litre of warm water. Gargle every hour, and avoid swallowing the solution.
Drink plenty of fluids and take vitamin C. Brew tea from the leaves of raspberries and currant and alternate taking it with tea of chamomile and calendula. Infusion make easy and drink it at night with honey. Regularly otraslevaya gathering in the throat phlegm. Eat liquid or semi-liquid foods, as in sore throat difficult to swallow solid food.