First of all, do not confuse the shampoo with the balm. Environment shampoo, alkaline, and balm – acid. The shampoo not only color, but also hair shampoos, and therefore, to maintain the color you can use it every day, but the main purpose of the balm is a treat, adding a little hair color.
Shampoo should be applied always after the main wash to clean damp hair (not wet, water must not drain them). Better if before applying a toning shampoo you dry them lightly with a towel or Hairdryer. This will ensure a high-quality coloring.
Note the label on the packaging of shampoo. There is a very concentrated formulations of shampoos, and many experts advise in this case to separate them. Especially if you have blonde hair or you just want to improve their color, but not change it radically. More caution should be treated with toning shampoos for blondes and people with damaged hair (chemistry, frequent use of Hairdryer and styling products, etc.), because coloring hair in a single color, you may get a very different (for example, instead of chocolate bright red). To avoid this, it would be better to apply to the hair, dilute the shampoo: 2-3 teaspoons of shampoo per litre of warm water. Also the concentrated composition can be diluted with regular shampoo in the ratio 50: 50, apply to hair, lather and rinse with warm water.
Shampoo is applied directly onto the hair and spread throughout their length by means of foaming. Do not overdo it, rubbing it into the hair roots as you dare to stain the scalp that will not look aesthetically pleasing. Use a comb, preferably a regular comb, not a brush to distribute evenly on all length of hair. Can I hold a part time on the hair, so the color will be more bright and saturated.
If after using a toning shampoo color did not suit you, no need to worry, because it will wash off after a few days. Then you can try another tool better suited to your hair.