You will need
  • - remover;
  • - hair dye.
Natural hair color depends entirely on the concentration of melanin containing dyes. Production of melanin occurs in the hair follicles. To return to natural color, we can safely use the wash, however, one does not need such procedure, and the structure of the hair this significantly deteriorates.
If your natural hair has a light shade and painted in a darker tone, consider the point that the dark pigment, unlike the light stays on the hair for a long time. So in this case you will have to complete at least four procedures of chemical washes, among which there should be an interval of two weeks. Be prepared for the fact that the hair does not get natural color and acquire a yellowish tint. But that's okay, just have to paint them in a tone that is closest to your natural color.
If, on the contrary, your natural hair have dark color, and painted in bright, bring back the natural look will be much simpler than in the first case. Wait until new roots. Come to the store and using the card colors will determine the tone of your natural hair, attaching to the roots of the painted strands. It remains only to choose the paint color that best suits you.
If your hair color differs from the natural only one or two colors, you can use gentle wash up facilities that do not contain in its composition of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Such washes can be purchased at specialty stores for professional hair care products.
Often the use of washes and hair dyes can cause excessive damage to the scalp and hair. After that it is recommended to start the procedure for recovery. Use a conditioner and masks from natural products that can be prepared at home. Refrain from use of Hairdryer, hair straightener and Curling irons.