You will need
  • Drawing paper, paints, transparent tape, toys, posters, bookcase, notice Board.
Before you start to decorate the school library, try to seek professional consultation to a child psychologist. Learn how with the help of well decorated interior of the library is to attract new readers than they can be interested in. Ask him about interesting combinations of design elements, designed for Junior and senior students. Once you have a clear picture of what to look for in your library, invite the possibility of interior designer to help you bring your ideas into practice.
If the help of a child psychologist and interior designer to you for some reason are not available, or do you think that will do it yourself, try to apply the steps. First, put yourself in the place of a child: what would you like to see in your school library? Maybe you need to differentiate between reality and the school library space, arranging a special entrance in the school library? For example, with a normal door in the school hallway that says "Library" will be a small vestibule, partitioned bookcases. And in one of the cabinets will open a secret door like in the movie "How to steal a million", which will lead young reader not just in the libraryand now "book Kingdom - coffee state. To pass through such slot entrance will be very interesting, and this should increase attendance at the library.
If inside the library there are doors, they can be arranged in the form of covers of books in human growth. The reader will like to enter into the book and become her character. To do this, you will certainly need the help of the artist. But it is possible to involve students themselves, especially those who are good draws. Draw is not necessarily right on the door. On large sheets of drawing paper make several "skins to login and change them from time to time. Fix them in place with transparent tape.
In the halls of the library put up a couple spinning racks for books and magazines where you'll regularly update the exhibition. A movable supply of books more interesting for children than books on a shelf.
People are your library heroes of books, hanging on the painted images on the walls. Suitable posters films books from the school curriculum. Next to this poster you can hang a quote of someone from the classics about reading or literature.
For readers of primary school age are put in a prominent place soft toys and in the clutches of the toy, insert the books - let them read. For readers of the middle classes will be "reading" the Barbie doll, robots transformers and bionics. High school students hang on the wall of the library special Board to which you will attach articles from periodicals covering the main events in the world available to student language. It can also be printouts from the Internet of interesting facts about the countries where these events occur, which, of course, broaden horizons of students. After the original doors in the library, such Board appropriately called the "window to the world."