You will need
  • - furniture;
  • - chalkboards;
  • - multimedia equipment;
  • - stands;
  • books on the subject;
  • - portraits of writers.
Make in the class repair. The walls should be painted in light, soothing colors, and lighting to conform to health standards. In addition, the class should be warm.
Take care of modern furniture. Heavy uncomfortable school desks are long gone, many schools used a lightweight modular furniture that can be rearranged depending on the form of the lesson. The office becomes a regular class with rows of tables and chairs in the auditorium, divided into smaller areas for training by subgroups.
Make sure the class had enough equipment. Modern educational process involves the use of modern technologies. There should be a computer. Even if the school is not connected to the Internet, computer technologies are applied in full. In the study of Russian language and literature must be a projection screen. Better, if not one of the academic Board, and at least three, that is the usual marker, magnetic and interactive.
Arrange the cabinets. Better to use those which consist of separate sections to be rearranged. The cabinets are books on the program, teaching materials, CDs with software. Lay all this so that at any moment it was possible to get. Make a card file of available training literature and manuals.
Order a few stands. Information must change in accordance with the material that you are currently teaching students of different classes. These stands serve to enhance the visual memory of children. They should be designed in accordance with aesthetic requirements. Material must be written in a font that is easy to read. Comfortable booths with pockets, and the table or article it is best to get on the computer and printed. Make separate stands for materials on Russian language and literature. One section take to prepare for the state final examination, the other can be the announcement of literary awards or the Olympics.
In the study of Russian language and literature must be portraits of writers. Schools usually order them centrally, along with other benefits. Let's see what condition they are and how good they look. If necessary, to alter them, the benefit of modern technology permit. Find the best image, print it on a sheet in a suitable format and insert into a nice frame. The main thing – that all the portraits were made in the same style.