You will need
  • - a humidifier;
  • - antihistamines;
  • - physiological solution;
  • - drop on the basis of interferon;
  • - vasoconstrictor drops;
  • - medicinal herbs.
Contact your audiologist. The specialist will help determine the causes of the disease, depending on which is chosen treatment strategy. It can be allergic, viral infection, side effects from taking certain drugs, deviated septum, hypertrophy of the mucous membrane of the nose or just a reaction to dry air. In some cases, therapeutic treatment is not enough, therefore, it is better, without wasting time, to exclude this disease.
The basis of therapeutic treatment is the hydration of the mucosa. Rinse nasal passages with saline or a solution of sodium chloride, preferably sea salt. Use humidifier. In the height of summer or winter, during the heating season, it helps to eliminate dryness of the nose and to cope with the congestion. Often ventilate the room, do wet cleaning.
If the cause of dry due to allergies, avoid contact with the substance to which the body is experiencing a hypersensitivity. Take antihistamines, use special sprays for the nose.
If the cause of the dry cold is a virus, bury the nose means on the basis of interferon, for example, "Grippferon". A good alternative to them are antiviral immunomodulatory drops "Derinat" and other drugs with similar action.
To facilitate nasal breathing bury vasoconstrictor drops. They do not treat a dry cold, but it helps to eliminate the consequences that come with it (headache, insomnia, snuffling voice, etc.).
Bury the nose decoctions of medicinal herbs. A good helping of chamomile, nettle and calendula. Perform the procedure 4-6 times a day. And after a few days you will feel much better.