You will need
  • - special tools for polishing;
  • - sanding paper;
  • - putty;
  • - avtokraska.
Car damage can be pronounced when the scratch is deep and not too noticeable when the bumper is slightly worn. If the scratches are virtually indistinguishable, do the following: first, wipe with solvent residues traces of paint (in case the obstacle was a small yard fence or bumper of the other car), then carefully paint over the damaged paint, identical to the factory paint color.
If the scratch is deep, then we need a more global work. The scratches need zashpatlevat. Then, once the putty dries, you need to carefully place damage sanding and then paint.
Another option is the removal of scratches on the bumper - with the help of paint. The bumper is completely removed and is placed so that its surface was parallel to the floor. Next you need to take the paint in body color and start pouring it into the cracks. When the paint reaches the edges of the scratch, you can stay trim all the seats and give the paint to dry.
From shallow scratches can still be eliminated by means of polishing. This occurs with the sanding paper. Slovalco macerate in warm water, then wet the paper under an angle of 45 degrees start vigorous but gentle strokes to smooth the surface of the bumper. After you need to give the surface to dry and cover it with varnish. Scratch will be practically invisible.