Any damage to the body is always unpleasant and annoying, however, nowadays there are quite a number of methods to address them. In order to remove minor scratches, use a non-abrasive wax, colored wax or a special pencil, but if the scratch is decent depth, then the problem must be treated more thoroughly.

Special paint

It is important to remember that with the elimination of scratches, no matter what depth it was, in any case can not be tightened, because the surface of the car body, if it is not protected, becomes more susceptible to corrosion.

In order to get rid of deep scratches, not turning to the mechanic, you can use one of those tools which today are abundant in the sale. One of the most effective solutions to repair the car body, is a special paint. As a rule, this paint is sold in bottles which have a brush which is very convenient.

Prepare the damaged area for painting

To properly prepare a surface for painting is very important to take that need seriously.
If the problematic area has already formed rust, remove it with sandpaper. When cleaning sandpaper, it is important not to overdo it, because the more denuded surface, the harder it will be to paint.

After the problem spot cleaned of rust and any other unwanted substances, it is necessary zashpatlevat. The ideal option for this procedure is a two-component putty, which includes the hardener.

To align and remove any kind of imperfections on the dried up putty again, use sandpaper first coarse, then fine. In the end, you should get a perfectly smooth surface.

The next thing you need to do with a brush or swab, apply on the damaged area with primer. After complete drying of the primer, the surface should be "brought" to a perfectly flat condition with waterproof sandpaper and water. Before coating the surface with paint, it should be thoroughly degreased. Varnish the surface is covered only after the complete drying of paint.

We must remember that the main disadvantage of this method is the difficulty of selecting a suitable color paint.