You will need
  • damp rag;
  • - fine sandpaper;
  • primer for plastic;
  • - colorant for plastics;
  • Lac.
Before you start removing scratches, rinse the item or wipe it with a damp cloth. Then use very fine sandpaper get rid of spaceplace paint, rough edges and notches.
Now moisten a small piece of cloth, lint-free, acetone or a special cleaner for plastic. Wipe them carefully sanded the surface. This is necessary in order to remove the contamination left by the sandpaper.
Take the container with special plastic primers, shake it up and splash a little money to the side to secure the piece of plastic from contact with undesirable small lumps.
Apply the scratches from a distance of 20 cm Move in parallel surfaces. First, cover the damage with a thick coat of primer, and then more subtle. Let the surface of the plastic to dry completely.
Next, scuff the primed surface again and wipe it with any cleaner. Now proceed to the coloring of plastic with a special dye designed specifically for plastic products. Very carefully pick the shade of paint, to avoid even the slightest difference to the color of the damaged surface.
Color plastic first in one layer, and after 10-20 minutes the second. If deep scratches may require a layered drawing of a decorative covering. Protect even wet the item from dust and other contaminants. In the case of the appearance of unwanted streaks, just get rid of them with a damp cloth. Allow the product to dry for 1-2 hours.
If scratched, the product is varnished, don't forget to apply lacquer on the surface evenly so as not to fill it completely.