You will need
  • - polishes of several kinds;
  • - soft fabric.
First determine the depth and size of scratches. In the case when there is extensive damage to the paintwork, bodywork and other detail will have to repaint. Embellish yourself so that the repair area was invisible, will not work. Tinting is better done in the service station.
If the paint coating is visible a scratch, determine its depth. To do this, use a soft cloth to clean the scratch from the dirt. If it will be deep (the base coat) to get rid of her purchase in the shop some paint. Naturally, the paint color must match the color of the scratched body. Before tinting podbrasyvanii isolate section of body from other surfaces of the car. If the scratch is not very long, touch up her toothpick – so convenient.
If the scratch is mild and affects only the layers of lacquer or paint, it is more efficient to use a dedicated Polish. Depending on the defect depth gain melkoabrazivnymi, sredneoblastnogo or krupnopanelnoye Polish for small, medium or large according to the depth of the scratches, respectively. Do not try to low price: buy enough expensive Polish with a stock. As experience shows, it can be useful in the future many times.
Before polishing the body repair area thoroughly clean, wash and dry. Polishing spend according to the instructions on the container of Polish. During the polishing take care of good lighting of the workplace. When polishing try to smooth the sharp edges of the scratches. Deep scratch put them in two stages: first krupnopanelnoye Polish, and then melkoabrazivnymi. Krupnooptovaya Polish, handle with care - carelessness can lead to wiping the paint coat to the base coat.
Polishing is most often sold in paste-like condition, but are found in the form of liquids or aerosols. Apply the polishing paste on a dry, soft cloth and RUB the paste into the defect with the help of movements along the scratch. Try to pinpoint the moment when the edge of the scratch smoothed out. After that, remove the rest of the polishes used and continue to process the body more melkoabrazivnymi. It should be rubbed in a circular motion as long as the scratch will become invisible.
In conclusion, make additional protection and the desired sheen of the defective area by using wax or polymer protective polishes.