You will need
  • - a bucket of water;
  • - car shampoo;
  • soft sponge for washing;
  • - sandpaper caliber 1200, 1300 and 1500;
  • - solvent;
  • - special set for paint scratches;
  • - spray lacquer;
  • - the Polish.
First, inspect the damaged bumper and evaluate the nature of the injuries and their extent. Take a bucket of water, car shampoo and a sponge, start to wash it from dirt. If the bumper is rubber marks, attrite them using a solvent.
When the surface of the bumper will be completely cleaned from dirt, take sandpaper caliber 1200 – 1300 and use it to smoothen scratches. Be sure to do this with water. When the damaged nail is removed, and the surface became smoother you can move on to painting.
If the bumper has deep scratches, it is necessary zashpatlevat them with a thin layer and after the putty dries, flatten the place with sandpaper. Take a toothpick, which is a set of special paint, and carefully paint over the area. Allow paint to dry and then run a second pass through the place painted sandpaper. Optionally, you can replace it anticaries or Polish.
After that, take the container with a colourless varnish. Before applying the bumper practice on some other object. Then start spraying the lacquer on the painted part of the bumper, being careful around her, there was no grease or dust.
Typically, after spraying the surface of the bumper becomes uneven. In order to fix this, take waterproof sandpaper caliber 1300 – 1500 and carefully, holding it at an angle of 45 degrees, flatten the painted part. Do not miss the moment when we need to take a Polish, and after the procedure stop, otherwise you can erase everything to avoid painting will not work.