You will need
  • - distilled water (1 liter), or acid to batteries;
  • charger for rechargeable batteries;
  • - hydrometer;
  • - screwdriver.
Remove the battery from the scooter and install it on a level place. With a screwdriver carefully remove all 6 water tubes and put them aside.
Make sure that the acid in the battery banks poured on the level of risks (lead plate must be completely immersed in the acid). If necessary, add distilled water or acid ready. With the help of a hydrometer, make the measurement of the density of the acid in the battery, the density is 1.25 - 100% charge level, density of 1.19 - 50% charge level.
Take charger. Connect the red plus terminal on the battery, then black to negative. Connect the charger to the network and install it the necessary strength of the charging current (for the user).
Through 1-1,5 hours, unplug the charger from the network and check the acid density. If necessary, re-charge.
Disconnect the charger from the mains and from the battery. Screw in place of the filler tube. Install the battery on the scooter.