You will need
  • Computer, portable hard drive
Turn on the computer. Wait for loading the operating system. Then connect the external hard drive to the USB port. Please note that must connect to the USB ports on the rear panel of the system unit. If you connect an external hard drive via the USB ports on the front of the computer or through the USB on the keyboard, then he will not have enough power and most likely, he is simply not defined.
After connecting the hard drive to the computer should work the automatic recognition and connection of the device. It will automatically install the driver for the connected device. When it is recognized and driver installed, a dialog box appears with notification that the device is installed and ready to use. Go to "My computer". The hard disk will be there.
If the system is not connected the device automatically (which also happens, though not often), it can be done manually. Just right-click on the icon "My computer" and in the resulting menu, click "Properties". In the next window, click on the component "device Manager". Appear the devices list, divided by types. In this list click on the very top row, right-click in the resulting shortcut menu select "scan for hardware changes".
Now find the line "Disk drives". Next to that line will be an arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button. Displays list of connected hard drives. Select your removable hard disk by clicking the right button of the mouse. In the appeared menu select "Properties" then a window will appear that says "this Device is working properly". Then select the tab "Driver" and in the ensuing window, click "Update". In the next window click on "Automatically update drivers". Then close all open Windows and go to "My computer". There should be a new device - an external hard drive.