You will need
  • - battery;
  • charger.
Determine the time of charge of the battery packing in the charger, which always indicates the time for charging batteries of different capacities. But this time it is almost always less than needed. You can also find the charging time for the battery pack. For example, if you have a battery AAA GP 1000, then it indicates the capacity of 970 mA/ hour, the amount of time to charge – sixteen hours at a current of 93 mA. But to find a charger that can provide such a current, almost impossible.
Take the charger, for example, GP Power Bank mini, it read that charging batteries type AAA it supplies a current of 80 mA. Next, click on the link Enter in the first box 970, that is, the capacity of the battery.
In the second – 80, i.e., the value of the charging current and as a result you will get the time needed to charge the battery. In this example, 20 hours and 57 minutes. Although the packaging of the device says that the batteries GP 1000 should be charged for 15 hours. If you can fulfill their exercise during this time, they will be charged only on 2/3.
Calculate the duration of the charge independently. To do this, take the value of battery capacity in mA/h, for example, 3300. Then turn the charger will see the value of the output current, for example, 150 mA. Divide the capacitance value for a current to find out the charge time in hours. 3300/150 - the result is twenty-two hours.
Just keep in mind that this time can be as real only in the case where the charging current at constant. Usually a charger to change the current in the charge process, first, its value is minimal and gradually increases.