You will need
  • Reverse pulse battery charger, automatic battery charger with the function of a full discharge.
Nickel-cadmium battery - the only battery types that for normal and continuous operation requires a full discharge. In this type of batteries is pronounced memory effect, when at a constant partial discharge is reduced useful (effective) area of the electrodes. That is how he remembers would periodically repeat the lower discharge level, and razladilis to this level, it stops working. From this came the name of this effect. For normal and continuous operation of such a battery it is necessary to constantly fully discharge. For this there are two basic types of chargers.
Reverse pulse charger cyclically repeating cycles of charge-discharge with different time duration. To use this device, insert the battery, then plug the device into AC power. After the end of the charging process (indicated by a indicator), disconnect the charger from the mains. This charger keeps the battery in working condition, however, is complex and expensive device.
Automatic battery charger with the function of complete discharge is preferred because it is less difficult, cheaper, available in packages allows you to charge 2 or 4 batteries at a time. Insert into this charger 2 or 4 battery. Set the switch on the device in the position which corresponds to the number of rechargeable batteries. Turn on the device to the network. The red led indicator will indicate that the process of charge. For forced discharge of the batteries hit the button "Discharge". When this indicator lights yellow light – the process of discharge of the batteries. At the end of discharge charger will automatically begin to charge the batteries. At the end of the cycle the discharge-charge will indicate green light.