You will need
  • charger, power supply.
Charging a car batteryif battery of car is completely dead, don't try immediately to start it, "potkuri" from the charger or the batteryand the other car. Not to spoil the battery, immediately remove it, enter the room and try to charge. When charging of the supply current is not more than 10% of the capacity of the battery. For example, if the battery has a capacity of 55 ampere-hours, serve on him a current of 5.5 amps and charge it for 10 hours. When charging, remove the cover batteryand and ensure he is not overheated and is boiling. In this case, the battery can permanently malfunction.
If the battery is sealed and requires no maintenance, so the charging set is even more weak current is 2.5% of the capacity of the battery. For a 55 ampere-hour batteryand this current will be 1,375 a, And the charging time will be 40 hours. If possible, use the charger with the regime "falling exercise" that reduces the current as charging the batteryand not allowing it to overheat.
Some chargers have a quick charge function. It can be used only as a last resort, as it significantly reduces the life of the battery.
Charging batteryand mobile phone or pluralities batterys used in these devices, when the power is blocked by the special controllers, therefore it is considered that charge. But worth a try. First of all, put the device on charge for a few hours. If does not help – remove the battery and give him the voltage from the power supply, but not above 4.2 volts. In an hour set back. If the charge has not appeared – way controller battery and apply AC power, beating him. The battery will start charging, but it may explode, so be very careful.