For battery charging there is a special device. You can buy it in the store. The charger has a reasonable price. So it's best to stock up in advance. A good charger will serve you for many years.
For small charging enough for 10-12 hours. You can put the battery to charge at night. For this purpose, you must remove the battery from under the hood. Charge it as you can in the apartment and in the garage. Keep in mind, when charging will be allocated to substances that are unsafe to the human body. If you charge the battery at home, then put it away from the bedrooms. If you decide to charge it in the garage, do not place near explosive substances.
First, you need to disconnect the positive and negative terminal from the battery. You can not remove the battery from under the hood. Then remove the lid. If necessary, remove the bolts, which protect the chemical composition. Be sure to check the electrolyte level. It should not be below the minimum value. Min and max you can see on the battery case. If the level is below the minimum, then add distilled water. During charging, the plates should not be opened.
Terminals from the charger plug to the respective poles of the battery. Next, the outlet the power cord of this unit. The battery charges fully during the day. On the charger when fully charged will display a value of "0".
If you want to quickly recharge the battery, then set the regulator to maximum. After about 20 minutes it will be ready to work. If your old battery has long been idle, the electrolyte density starts to decrease. To charge it you need a few hours at the minimum current.