As a rule, the tariff plan is prescribed in the contract that you sign with the provider. Find the contract and look for it this information. Including in the agreement or the Annex, you will likely be able to find the details of your tariff plan. Typically, this data transfer rate information, included in the tariff plan the volume of traffic and other useful information. All this will help you decide in the event the planyuemei change tariff planor if you just want to know the amount of traffic included in your tariff plan. In the contract you can find the phone service provider in case if you need to clarify any information.
You can also call the company providing you the services for Internet access, and to specify the staff name and details of your tariff plan. In this case you can advise on the benefits of this or that tariff planand to help make the right choice, if you find it difficult to do it yourself. This method is best suited to those who are not very well versed in computer subjects. Then, in this case help and hint from a competent specialist will be very useful.
Another way to find out your tariff plan of the Internet is the following: if the website of your provider is the service "my account" and you have a username and password to access this part of the site, you can go and find out the name of your tariff plan. You can also learn other necessary and useful information, for example, the amount of traffic downloaded during a certain period, the amount of charges and the recommended date of the next payment. Many providers also allow a "Personal account" to pay for Internet access through electronic payment systems or by credit card.