You will need
  • Computer, Internet, browser.
Depending on which browser you use, your actions in determining the path load can look different. Consider how to change ways of downloading files from the Internet, for example, the three most popular browsers: Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome.
If you use Opera (Opera), to modify the path boot you will need to perform the following steps. Start your browser, and then press the "Menu" button (this button is located at the top right of browser). Next you need to select "Settings", where you need to go to "General settings". In the opened window switch to the "Advanced" tab and click on "Download". Here you can set the desired folder for saving files.
If you need to change the way download chrome (Google Chrome), your actions will look like. Running the browser on, click the key icon located on the right side of the browser. In the opened menu, select "Options" then switch to "Advanced". Here you will be able to ask the necessary path download. In order not to burden themselves with switching in the settings, after you open the browser, enter <url> in the address bar chrome://settings/advanced – need settings will open automatically.
To configure the path of the download in Firefox do the following. Click on "Tools" and go to "Settings". On the Main tab you can set the file save options.