You will need
  • Computer basic skills on work with computer
Select in the menu "start" section Run. Pop-up by pressing "Run program" prompt that you are on the right track.
Note the input string, it first needs to attract your attention. Write in it "regedit" is the name of the registry. After entering the word and pressing OK, you should throw right in the window registry.
You will see it, or rather, with his left hand, branching the list of folders. You need a folder named "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE". It is easy to find. Once you do that, double-click on it or once on the cross.
Look in the new list, the document named "SOFTWARE", which usually displays the folders of all the programs and games included in the registry.
Open the document "SOFTWARE" as well as previously opened the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE". Browse to the desired folder, you recognize her by name.
Highlight the folder by single clicking of the left mouse button and view the window on the right, closely adjacent to the list. There are displayed a list of keys in the selected folder. Make sure that it is the root (ie what is in it exe file). Otherwise, any keys you will not see. In the key string under "Value" you specified the required path to the folder.
Adjust the path of the folder that it was true. To do this, double-click the key and enter in the value string address, leading to your folderwith all its contents.