When implementing the download the downloaded files are displayed in the lower part of the browser called download panel. To open a downloaded file, click on its icon on the specified panel. If you move the mouse pointer to the arrow located to the left on the icon download, next to the name of the file, this opens a special window where will be written the path where you saved this download.Basically the downloaded files are saved in the following folders:Mac: /Users/ Windows XP: Documents and SettingsWindows Vista and Windows 7: Users.Typically, when implementation downloads Windows saves them in the Downloads folder, which is located in the user folder of the Users directory on the drive where the Windows operating system (for example, D:iehome пользователяdownloads).Some default files are saved in other folders. For example, saving images from web pages. If you position the mouse cursor on the image and click the right mouse button, a special window will open in which you will need to choose the phrase "Save picture as" - then the default file will be saved in the pictures folder.It is also possible to choose a path for saving downloads. To do this, open the folder "setup and control browser", click "Settings", then "Advanced".Folder for uploaded files is in the section "Downloads", where you can also mark the option "Ask where to save each file before downloading". With the button "Clear settings auto open will reset the parameters of the files that are open by default.The Internet can keep the history of uploaded files that are opened when you click "All download"on the right of the download panel.In case you have forgotten where you saved the download file, it can be found in the menu "start".