Change the installation path by default

Perhaps, many users of personal computers are faced with the fact that the software is installed automatically (not asking to specify the path). Of course, do not all programs, but only a smaller part. The rest are always asked to specify the target installation directory. Unfortunately, this problem may cause on the system drive running out of space, but many share the drives so that one can install only programs and on the other, such as games. Some users can and do pass the item associated with the indication of the directory, which can also lead to the above. The end result is so that the user just would have to find and delete some directories to free up space on your hard drive.

The changes in the registry

As you know, programs are of little interest to the target install path, and do not have to install all programs in the Program Files folder (this folder is the ultimate in most cases). Of course, there is a way to change the destination directory by default. This can be done in the following way. First, the user must go to "start menu" and find there the words "Run" (to run this application, you can use the hotkeys Win + R). Then you need to start the registry editor. It is necessary to make major changes. In order to start it, the window that appears, enter regedit.

Then when a new window opens (itself a registry editor), the branch on the left to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion. After clicking on the last directory in the right window will be updated. Here you must find the file ProgramFilesDir or ProgramFilesDir (x86) (if you receive them both, they both need to change). You need to click on them double click and change the string "Value" parameters to the ones that you need (for example, to change the ROM on D). After you enter the required values to the registry editor you need to close and restart the computer, as the changes will take effect only after you restart the personal computer. If everything is done correctly, then the software will be installed in the same directory you specified.