You will need
  • Thread, hook, elastic band.
Buy thin yarn, preferably cotton with elastane about two hundred grams, hook number three, thin rubber flesh color (spandex). Prepare the pattern or use knitted underwear, small pillow with a width of ninety inches (this will serve as a dummy).
Wear the suitable size pants for a pillow, take measurements of the width of the belt. Vivacite square sample, calculate the number of stitches at the beginning of the work. Practice in the manufacture of lace panties.
Start knitting stripes in a circle, the dense pattern without nakido, at the same time tying a thin elastic to the edge. Provarite ten inches, try on a "dummy" wearing panties on top.
Determine the method of subtraction of the loops of the front, for example, one, then two cylinders on both sides in each row. Continue until the gusset, which make smooth and dense.
Proceed to knitting the back, adding in a mirrored manner already two or three columns. Davaite to the waist, sew the thread to match.
Then go to more refined option. Pattern tie the two triangles, using the pattern and the first method. Separately vivacite gusset. Connect the sides, and tie all the parts curly teeth by attaching to the cutouts for the legs spandex.
Alternatively, the lateral angles add a drawstring made simple bars or openwork chain. In this case, the volume of hips products adjust, knotting detail as you are comfortable.
More romantic model run from separate motifs (flowers, hearts, circles, rhombuses) they will take from sixteen to twenty-five depending on the diameter. Calculate the exact number of: tie one composition selected for the scheme, apply to the pattern, divide the width of the hips on the diameter of the motive.
Ready part sew manually, top davaite dense columns zone, proceed to the desired height. The sides can decorate with satin ribbons, and the front part with sequins and beads.