For boiling take the saucepan, which will no longer be used for any purpose. Pour water into it and put on the stove until boiling. Water it is better to take filtered, water contains much chlorine and other harmful contaminants.
While the water is boiling, thoroughly wash the bottles and nipples with detergent for baby dishes. Rinse thoroughly in clean water, rinse off the detergent thoroughly. For washing bottles, you cannot use soap or other substances with the chemical and often toxic based.
Immerse the bottlesand nipples in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. In the lapse of time, remove them with tongs and place upside down on a clean towel or sterile cloth. To wipe nothing. But remember that few kipjachenii rubber nipples, unfortunately, worse. Silicone serve a little longer, but they quickly come into a state of disrepair when exposed to high temperatures.
There are special bottlesthat can be sterilized in a microwave oven. To do this, turn on medium heat and leave the container for a few minutes for processing. Thus, it is possible to sterilize only the well-washed bottles.
After 5-6 months of age, the baby can not sterilize the dishes, and just scald it with boiling water, but be sure to pre-wash and the pacifier and the bottle. Nipples may be cleaned using salt, use cleaning powders cannot.