To avoid confusion in the kitchen with kitchenware, buy a special pan in which to boil water for sterilization of the nipple. Aluminum or enamelware is quite suitable for a good disinfection.
After the procedure, lower the feeding bottle in boiling water. Try to ensure that the water got inside the bottle completely. Do not give a reason for the germs to find a place for reproduction.
If you fear that you can escape from the boiling of bottles and it melted in the pan, put in a bottle of gauze, folded in several layers. The gauze will absorb the melted mixture of nipples, bottles or pacifiers. There would be less work.
About how much time you will need to sterilize the nipples, you can learn only with practice. The sterilization time depends not only on the type of bottle or pacifier, but also from the material from which they are made. Yes, and the degree of pollution is also important.
Remember that pediatricians recommend sterilizing the pacifier every time the baby dropped it. If possible, objavite pacifier with boiling water each time before you give back the baby. Don't forget that even if you watch carefully for the sterility of his house, on the floor there are always germs. Microbes with a nipple, according to pediatricians, are often the cause of dizbakterioz, diathesis and unexpected infections. Especially watch out for the sterility of everything that enters the mouth of the child, if there is animal.
When I go down for pot, find a nice clear container to store pacifiers. Night very it may be useful to you. Check also for the night next to the crib a couple of spare sterilised bottles.