Advice 1: How to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave

Sterilization of baby bottles is a very important component in the proper care of the child. In modern times to sterilize bottles in several ways.
How to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave
You will need
  • water;
  • saucepan;
  • sterilizer;
  • -antiseptic tablets;
  • microwave.
The traditional method sterilization in boiling water
It is necessary to collect all bottles, pacifiers and other baby accessories that need sterilization. Rinse them with warm water and soap to remove the remains of baby milk, formula and other food products. Rinse. Pour into a saucepan of clean cold water and bring to the boil. Take turns to drop into boiling water bottle and leave it there for 3-5 minutes. To get the bottle to turn upside down, allow to cool and use as directed.
Sterilization of the bottles in an electric steam sterilizer
You just need to pour into the sterilizer in accordance with the instructions of the required quantity of cold water and turn it on. To put back the bottle. As a rule, the sterilization time is less than 10 minutes. At the same time can be placed in the sterilizer for about 6-8 bottles.
Sterilization in microwave oven
In a glass bowl to pour cold water, put the bottles and put in the microwave, setting the highest power. After 6-8 minutes, sterilization is completed. For these purposes you can use a special steam sterilizer for the microwave. Put it in a bottle, pour required quantity of water and put in the oven to the power specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.
Sterilization of the bottles in cold water
For this you need to buy in a drugstore special antiseptic tablets and dissolve them in water. Placed in a solution bottle so that it covers them completely and leave for 30-40 minutes. In this solution you can store the bottle no more than one day.
Useful advice
Open the steam sterilizer must with great care to avoid burns.

To get a bottle of water or a sterilizer should of kitchen tongs, as well to avoid burns.

Advice 2 : How to sterilize bottles in the steamer

Every mother wants to give the child the best, and sometimes the love to the kid is ready to buy up half the store. But you don't have to spend money on several expensive appliances for the care of the baby. The steamer is a universal thing: it is possible to prepare first solid foods and to sterilize bottles.
How to sterilize bottles in the steamer
You will need
  • steamer, tongs, a clean container for bottles, a clean towel.
Not every mom has managed to establish breast feeding, and then comes to the aid of a bottle with infant formula. At first you may seem to feed from the bottle much easier: no need to follow a diet of nursing mothers, and to feed the baby in your absence any adult member of the family.But it's not so simple. It is important to understand that artificial feeding kid does not imply a lower share of responsibility, because now the kid will get a fresh and sterile milk from your breast. The first six months of baby's life need to sterilize the bottles by boiling or the use of special electric sterilizer.
You can save money by buying a wonderful assistant – steamer. It is easy to sterilize bottles, nipples and pacifiers. And when the baby grows up, you will use a steamer to cook vegetables for the first feeding of the baby. Maybe you already have a steamer, but you didn't know that bottles can be sterilized in it?
In the steamer will easily fit several standard or wide bottles. If the bottle is high, you can remove an additional section of a double boiler, freeing up space in height. If the bottle holds height on the bottom shelf, then on top you can easily place the pacifiers and nipples.
To start, thoroughly wash bottle and teat brush. You can use a special product for washing children's dishes. It is important that inside the bottle there is no trace of the milk mixture.
Pour water into a special compartment of a double boiler. Put the bottle on the bottom section of the steamer with their necks down to vapor easily penetrated inside. Do not place bottles too close to each other.
5-7 minutes is a sufficient time for sterilization. But you can increase time to 10-12 minutes for your own peace of mind. At the end of the program remove the bottles and place them in a clean container, arianny boiling water. Cover container with lid or clean towel.
On the same principle in the steam cooker you can sterilize a manual breast pump, bags for collection of milk, teethers and other items.
After a few months, you will simply rinse the bottle with boiling water, and you will not regret the money wasted on the sterilizer. The steamer will become a reliable assistant in cooking delicious and healthy food.
Useful advice
Some easy to keep clean sterile bottles directly inside of a double boiler. Swipe condensate from the lid and cover the steamer with a clean cloth or a lid.

Advice 3 : Is it necessary to sterilize baby utensils-old child

The immune system is healthy year-old baby already more or less formed, so always boil baby utensils, as in the case of a newborn baby, there is no need.
Is it necessary to sterilize baby utensils-old child

Why do you cook baby utensils

In the first months of life the newborn has virtually no immune system, so most pediatricians agree that to boil the bottle before use is a must. Of course, to boil the children's dishes several times a day is not very convenient, so many mothers have resorted to the help of modern gadgets – sterilizers. Especially popular are the sterilizers for the microwave. Just enough to fill the right amount of water, put baby utensils and send it all for a few minutes in the microwave. This method of disinfection of teats and bottles saves a lot of time and effort.

Of course, before you sterilize the bottles, they need a good wash from the remnants of food and drinks. For these purposes, it is best to buy a special product for washing children's dishes, because the content of harmful chemicals in it is minimal. Baby nipples and bottles are best washed with the help of special brushes, which allow you to remove dirt in the most remote places.

Do I need to boil utensils-year-old child

Some moms are so used to constantly boil baby utensils, doing it even after the child is one year old. In fact, if the baby is completely healthy, there's no need to, because for the year of the child's immune system is greatly strengthened. By this age, he is already crawling on the floor and begins to walk, his environment is asterile, so not much point in permanent sterilization of utensils no. Good enough to wash Cutlery, means for washing children's dishes and a sponge. It would be better if for children's dishes you will take a separate sponge. If the child is to year still not weaned from the nipple, sometimes they still need to be sterilized, especially if a kid dropped them on the street or in any public place.

Cleanliness – good quality, but not when it is brought to fanaticism. If a child is constantly kept in "hothouse" conditions, it can cause problems with the immune system, and in some cases, excessive care can result in the Allergy. The baby need to contact with infections that the body could improve its protective functions. It is no secret that the home the children got into kindergarten, start to hurt. Many mothers in this case start to blame the staff in the oversight. In fact, the colds is not bad, they are even useful as they train the immune system.
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