You will need
  • water;
  • saucepan;
  • sterilizer;
  • -antiseptic tablets;
  • microwave.
The traditional method sterilization in boiling water
It is necessary to collect all bottles, pacifiers and other baby accessories that need sterilization. Rinse them with warm water and soap to remove the remains of baby milk, formula and other food products. Rinse. Pour into a saucepan of clean cold water and bring to the boil. Take turns to drop into boiling water bottle and leave it there for 3-5 minutes. To get the bottle to turn upside down, allow to cool and use as directed.
Sterilization of the bottles in an electric steam sterilizer
You just need to pour into the sterilizer in accordance with the instructions of the required quantity of cold water and turn it on. To put back the bottle. As a rule, the sterilization time is less than 10 minutes. At the same time can be placed in the sterilizer for about 6-8 bottles.
Sterilization in microwave oven
In a glass bowl to pour cold water, put the bottles and put in the microwave, setting the highest power. After 6-8 minutes, sterilization is completed. For these purposes you can use a special steam sterilizer for the microwave. Put it in a bottle, pour required quantity of water and put in the oven to the power specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.
Sterilization of the bottles in cold water
For this you need to buy in a drugstore special antiseptic tablets and dissolve them in water. Placed in a solution bottle so that it covers them completely and leave for 30-40 minutes. In this solution you can store the bottle no more than one day.