You will need
  • - Banks;
  • microwave;
  • - water.
Wash thoroughly with soda cans, check the integrity of the hull. Put them in the microwave, pre-filling in every 30-40 ml of water. Depending on the size of the microwave oven can be simultaneously sterilized 3-5 cans with a volume of 600-800 ml.

If you need to sterilize the jar with a volume of three liters, put her on her side, also pre-filling water into it.
Close the microwave, set the capacity of 700 - 800 Watt, turn around 2-3 minutes the Water in the jars is boiling, you select steam, which sterilizes the surface. Additionally, the waves act directly on the microorganisms by heating the liquid in them, contribute to the rupture of the membranes and their subsequent death.

Lids to sterilize in the microwave impossible. Boil in saucepan for 15 min.
You can also sterilize jars immediately with the preparations for the winter. To do this, lay in clean jars vegetables or fruits, pour a few tablespoons of water and leave it (without lids) in the microwave for 5 min. Water in the bottom will boil, evaporate and sterilize the surface of the packaging and the products being procured. Then banks pull out, pour boiling hangers to fill and close sterile lids.

Salads, compotes and jams can be sterilized directly in the banks. To do this, fill them to the top. Put in microwave without lids for 1-2 minutes, putting the power of 800 watts. As soon as the contents of the jar boil, remove and close the lid.