Wash the bottle immediately after using it. As soon as the baby is fed, free from food debris by thorough washing with water or a clean brush. Wash the dishes with soap or soda. The alkali dissolves the remains of fat from food. Pay special attention to the neck and the bottom of the bottle. In these places the remains of the milk and mix constantly accumulate, and they are difficult to remove.
Optionally, if capacity is very dirty, soak it for awhile in warm water containing baking soda. To do this, prepare a solution of 5 g of soda per liter of liquid. Then carefully apply on the bottle brush. For washing children's dishes ruff should be separate. Change it every 2-3 weeks. All the accessories for feeding baby dry on a clean towel.
Many mothers prefer to wash bottles in the dishwasher. In principle, it is possible, using appropriate means. But nipples are better handled manually.
For the care of children's dishes are now produced in many detergents. With proper storage, they are safe for the baby's health. They include antibacterial or bactericidal components that provide effective disinfection of the dishes. Choose a mild detergent that will not leave scratches on baby's bottle. They should be well washed off both the hot and cold water.
Often when washing the nipple and the special forms of the bottle it is impossible to avoid scratches. Many manufacturers produce their products a special hand-brush consisting of a soft and flexible rubber material. Such tools not only guarantee high-quality cleaning and washing dishes, but also prevent the appearance of scratches.