Why do you cook baby utensils

In the first months of life the newborn has virtually no immune system, so most pediatricians agree that to boil the bottle before use is a must. Of course, to boil the children's dishes several times a day is not very convenient, so many mothers have resorted to the help of modern gadgets – sterilizers. Especially popular are the sterilizers for the microwave. Just enough to fill the right amount of water, put baby utensils and send it all for a few minutes in the microwave. This method of disinfection of teats and bottles saves a lot of time and effort.

Of course, before you sterilize the bottles, they need a good wash from the remnants of food and drinks. For these purposes, it is best to buy a special product for washing children's dishes, because the content of harmful chemicals in it is minimal. Baby nipples and bottles are best washed with the help of special brushes, which allow you to remove dirt in the most remote places.

Do I need to boil utensils-year-old child

Some moms are so used to constantly boil baby utensils, doing it even after the child is one year old. In fact, if the baby is completely healthy, there's no need to, because for the year of the child's immune system is greatly strengthened. By this age, he is already crawling on the floor and begins to walk, his environment is asterile, so not much point in permanent sterilization of utensils no. Good enough to wash Cutlery, means for washing children's dishes and a sponge. It would be better if for children's dishes you will take a separate sponge. If the child is to year still not weaned from the nipple, sometimes they still need to be sterilized, especially if a kid dropped them on the street or in any public place.

Cleanliness – good quality, but not when it is brought to fanaticism. If a child is constantly kept in "hothouse" conditions, it can cause problems with the immune system, and in some cases, excessive care can result in the Allergy. The baby need to contact with infections that the body could improve its protective functions. It is no secret that the home the children got into kindergarten, start to hurt. Many mothers in this case start to blame the staff in the oversight. In fact, the colds is not bad, they are even useful as they train the immune system.