For experienced women exists problems - how to sterilize pacifiers. This process has not changed for many years, and does not require much time. But above all, remember one simple thing: pacifiers should be several and they need to be stored in a clean container.
The easiest way of sterilization is boiling. In a small clean saucepan pour a little water, bring it to a boil and submerge the pacifier for a few minutes. Then take them out, and putting it on a clean plate, wait until they dry. All pacifiers ready to eat.
If you are in a hurry, or you have no desire and time to boil pacifiers, there is an alternative: boil a kettle and hold the dummy for a few seconds over the steam. Of course, this procedure does not give an absolute guarantee sterilization, but still better than nothing.
You will not have the question of how to sterilize pacifiers, if your house is steamer. It is enough if, having filled the tank with water, you set the timer for 2-3 minutes.
Now in the market can meet special sterilisers, teats and bottles. Buy one of them and ease your work. Sterilization in these devices occurs under the influence of ultraviolet light, which, as you know, copes well with microbes. The sterilization time only 3 minutes.
Some mothers treat dummy in a microwave oven. But this treatment is not suitable for all types of pacifiers.
Pacifiers are not only rubber, but also plastic. Plastic pacifiers are not suitable for all sterilization methods. Therefore, buying a pacifier, ask the seller what material it is made, and which way of processing fits it best.