Any paediatrician to question mom about whether to sterilize baby bottles, will respond positively. And yet many parents refuse sterilization of tableware kid, poor hygiene can lead to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the oral cavity. Sterilize bottles for child nutrition in several ways.

Sterilization of baby bottles at home

Ideally, sterilize baby utensils you need at least six months. This is necessary in order to create proper conditions for the development of the immunity of the crumbs, and to protect it from unnecessary infections.

Before sterilization of utensils should be thoroughly wash it off under running water. The nipple is further purified soda or salt.

The most affordable way to make a bottle for milk or formula hygienic – boil product. To achieve the desired effect the dishes are immersed in boiling water and keep the pan on heat for about 15 minutes. Over a period of time bacteria die, the water temperature should be over 80 degrees Celsius. For sterilization of jars, spoons and baby bottles need to allocate a separate pot with lid.

Sterilization in a microwave oven will be suitable for you if you have such appliances. For ware treatment-it is necessary to put bottles in a microwave box and put this device in the microwave for 5 or more minutes. Definitely in the sterilizer filled with water under the grate.

Methods of sterilization of utensils for the baby

Effective and convenient treatment method bottles using electric or steam sterilizers. These devices are compact and reliable, buying products of famous brands, you can be sure that after the procedure, you will have the perfect hygienic ware.

Some crock pots also allow you to sterilize baby bottles. The range of kitchen devices even has several modes for handling of cookware – especially for the steam nipple and bottle are processed in the program "water".

Sterilize feeding bottles, you can use antiseptic tablets for dissolution will require only cold water. Dilute the product strictly according to instructions, the liquid can be stored day. After treatment, utensils must be washed in boiled water. Method is good what to use a tablet on vacation, camping, travel.