Salt deposits, which are formed kidney stones are caused by excess uric acid or calcium in the blood, to which, in turn, lead factors such as hyperparathyroidism, gout or excess vitamin D in the body. Their appearance provokes dehydration or a small amount of drinking, leading to increased concentration of urine and change its acidity.
The most common symptom of kidney stones are a sharp stabbing pain in the problem of the kidney or lower abdomen (inguinal region), accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Pain will continue until the release of the stones together with the urine and the calculus be pushed out of the muscular wall of the ureter, which causes a discharge of blood from urethra due to damage from the sharp edges of the stone the mucous membrane of the urethral canal. The excretion of stones are also often accompanied by a high fever and chills.
To destroy the formed kidney stones, you can use the extract madder dye, which, in addition to this effect, also relieves spasms of the ureter during the passage through it of the sand. Upon receipt of the madder it should be remembered that it gives the urine a red color, so you should not make such hue for the presence of blood. You also cannot use madder dyeing together with tablets Tsiston, because it is included in its composition.
Also well established drug "Uralics", dissolving stones and is anti-inflammatory, and also improves the digestive and cardiovascular systems. It consists of hydrangea, horsetail, cranberry, corn silk and other herbs that successfully treat kidney disease, and stones in them. The same effect has "Cisco-Transit", is made from horsetail, knotweed, cranberry, canadian goldenrod and chamomile. It dissolves kidney stones, removes inflammation, and improves excretory system, purifying the kidneys from the salt. For the treatment of nephrolithiasis, the drug is used "gortex" on the root of the tree hydrangea that is used as a standalone tool, and auxiliary medication to medication.