Advice 1: How to get rid of a hump on the back

This deposition of adipose tissue, condensed connective tissue in your upper back, popularly called the withers, Wen, widows hump the. For some reason, most of his education are exposed. In the vast majority of cases it occurs after the age of 40-45 years. This little aesthetic outgrowth, precluding the use of the epithet "Swan neck" carries a lot of troubles of a different kind. It is, first and foremost, headache, numbness of shoulder, nagging pain in the spine etc. There are several ways to get rid of the hump on the back and the most effective of them is the complex of simple exercises, each of which should be repeated 20-30 times.
How to get rid of a hump on the back
Take main stand, ie stand up straight, shoulders straighten slightly and move them back. Lift the shoulders, drop, lift, drop.
Initial position: the main stand. Tilt the head forward, then pull it back. Tilt head to left shoulder, then right shoulder. Do the exercises slowly, no sudden movements, otherwise you may feel dizzy.
Main stand. In a circular motion, alternately pull your shoulders back – left, right. Then in a circular motion shoulders – back- left, right. The tension of the shoulder muscles when this should be the maximum.
Arms out to sides, palms facing forward. Sharply pull the hand back (swing should be as tight), return to starting position. Again jerk the hand back, relax.
Bend your arms at the elbows (palms are directed upwards, clenched fists). At the same time and sharply pull the elbows and back. The maximum voltage! Relax. Again – a sharp swing elbows and back. Return to starting position.
Put your hands up (elbows straight, hands in "castle"). Sharply pull the hands back (voltage peak), return to starting position.
Roll on the neck of a hula Hoop. A very effective exercise.
At the end of the set of exercises with your fingers take a little cream (preferably fat) or vegetable oil (preferably castor), which added a few drops of natural essential oils (orange, pine, or rosemary), and apply to the area of the withers. Massage gently with circular movements. The duration of the procedure define themselves, hands usually get tired very quickly. Can take in "helpers" the rolling pin or a special massage and head back to continue the massage in the shoulder area. Much pressure is not necessary pain should not be. At the end of the massage, wipe the skin with wet towel, put on cotton underwear, put on the area of the withers a warm blanket or shawl, and relax.
Useful advice
Don't sleep on the big feather pillows. Buy an orthopedic pillow or sew yourself a pillow in the form of a roller and tightly tamp it buckwheat husks or hay. The pillow should be firm and repeat the configuration of the body in the shoulders, neck and head.

Do not expect instant results from the actions you take. If you will be doing exercises for the back and neck regularly (at least every other day), then approximately 2-4 weeks (all depends on the condition of your hump or neglect) withers first become softer and then will gradually decrease until it disappears entirely. It will take a lot of time.

Do not wait until the hump on your neck will appear. Take the prevention. For her to do the same set of exercises and massage.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the scruff

Scruff called seal in the upper back (the area of the seventh cervical vertebra), resulting from the deposition of adipose tissue. Other names withers, Wen, widows hump, cervical growth. Except that the nape is just ugly, it still delivers a lot of problems to their owners. This periodic numbness in the shoulder area, regular headaches, unpleasant pulling sensation in the spine, etc. to get Rid of the scruff with the help of special exercises, massage and compresses.
How to get rid of the scruff
Gymnastikmatte starting position: stand up straight, straighten your shoulders and pull them back a bit. Start doing light bending head forward/backward, right/left. Then go to the corners: drag the chin alternately to the right and left shoulder. Complete the exercises of head rotation, first clockwise, then – against. All exercises repeat an arbitrary number of times. One condition – when they are executed you should not experience discomfort, ie, dizziness, aching neck, the darkening of the eyes. To do this, start gymnastics with small amplitude and low rate, increasing the load gradually, day by day.
Massive can sign up for treatment to a professional masseur and can massage yourself at home. The second option, prepare the oil solution. To do this, take 100 grams of vegetable oil (the best is castor), add 20-30 drops of tincture of propolis (available at pharmacies) and all shake well. Every evening, apply the composition on the back of the neck and RUB your fingers clockwise smooth but strong movements. The procedure time is arbitrary. Oil-propolis mixture can alternate with honey and vodka (honey and vodka in equal parts). This composition was used in Russia in the fight against the nape, more than 200 years ago.
Will compressometer 3 tbsp any vegetable oil, 1 raw egg, 1/3 Cup of 6% vinegar and the same of turpentine. Mix everything carefully. Soak the composition with a soft cloth and apply it to the area of nape. Cover with cellophane wrap and a warm scarf or blanket. Keep the compress for 30-40 minutes. Possible slight burning sensation and heat. After the procedure it is advisable not to go outside, and it is better to put on dry warm clothes and lie down.
A very effective Supplement to combat the scruff applicators are Kuznetsova and Lyapko. You can buy them at the pharmacy. Examine the liner-instructions and act in accordance with the recommendations. Do not expect instant effect, it will come in a month or two, but the result will have a very lasting effect.
Useful advice
As a compress for massage can use this composition: heparin and troxevazina ointment, taken in equal proportions and thoroughly mixed into a homogeneous mass. Both ointments activate blood flow, and in fact one of the causes of nape are just violations of blood circulation in the zone of the 7th cervical vertebra.

Sleep on an orthopedic pillow.
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