Take main stand, ie stand up straight, shoulders straighten slightly and move them back. Lift the shoulders, drop, lift, drop.
Initial position: the main stand. Tilt the head forward, then pull it back. Tilt head to left shoulder, then right shoulder. Do the exercises slowly, no sudden movements, otherwise you may feel dizzy.
Main stand. In a circular motion, alternately pull your shoulders back – left, right. Then in a circular motion shoulders – back- left, right. The tension of the shoulder muscles when this should be the maximum.
Arms out to sides, palms facing forward. Sharply pull the hand back (swing should be as tight), return to starting position. Again jerk the hand back, relax.
Bend your arms at the elbows (palms are directed upwards, clenched fists). At the same time and sharply pull the elbows and back. The maximum voltage! Relax. Again – a sharp swing elbows and back. Return to starting position.
Put your hands up (elbows straight, hands in "castle"). Sharply pull the hands back (voltage peak), return to starting position.
Roll on the neck of a hula Hoop. A very effective exercise.
At the end of the set of exercises with your fingers take a little cream (preferably fat) or vegetable oil (preferably castor), which added a few drops of natural essential oils (orange, pine, or rosemary), and apply to the area of the withers. Massage gently with circular movements. The duration of the procedure define themselves, hands usually get tired very quickly. Can take in "helpers" the rolling pin or a special massage and head back to continue the massage in the shoulder area. Much pressure is not necessary pain should not be. At the end of the massage, wipe the skin with wet towel, put on cotton underwear, put on the area of the withers a warm blanket or shawl, and relax.