First, refer to a notary to sign with other owners of the Treaty establishing a share. The law gives the participants of the common ownership right to determine the shares at its discretion. If this issue was not discussed, are awarded equal shares. Certified notary a contract register in territorial body of Federal registration service.
In the absence of consent of the owners of the proportional division of shares will go to court. His decision can also be installed in order to use the living rooms and common spaces in the apartment (hallway, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc.).
Share in the privatized apartment is its fractional part:½,¼, etc. a share is very difficult to bind to a specific room or square meters. In the resolution of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation No. 8 of August 24, 1993 "About some questions of application by courts of the RF law "On privatization of housing Fund in the Russian Federation" stipulates that the allocation to the participant of common ownership belonging to him the share in kind is allowed if it is technically possible to send him isolated living and utility rooms (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). As a rule, this case does not happen for 2-3 bathrooms or kitchen, in addition, not every apartment has separate rooms. In other words, to allocate a share of property in kind in the sole use of someone from the owners difficult, and often impossible.
To resolve this issue, the law stipulates that released the owner to demand from other participants of the payment of the cost of shares in privatized apartment, decorated in the common property and dispose of it at its discretion: to sell, donate, bequeath, etc. Thus to obtain his share in the apartment, the easiest way to sell it to the co-owners or to third parties, but subject to special order: - first ask the owners to buy your share, because they are granted a preferential right to purchase;- then inform them of the intention to sell the share to another person in written form, specifying the conditions of sale;- if within 1 month other owners of apartments will not acquire your share, you have the right to sell it any interested person.