You will need
  • consent of the other owners in the allocation of shares, the court's decision
When the share of in house minor, you and the other contenders for the property can pay compensation to the owner of the disputed shares, even without his consent. After receiving these funds, the owner automatically forfeits the right to his share in the house.
If the size of the share of the owner is significant enough, it is necessary to obtain his consent to the redemption area. Only if there is a positive response you can re-register the right of ownership, compensation to the owner.
You can use the variant of allocation of shares in kind. In this case, you must provide the owner of an isolated part of the house, which will correspond to his share. The division of share in kind, remember that it is not always the real situation may be true. For example, you will receive 25% of the entire property. And the room and corridor that you can really isolate and make a separate login account for 35% of the entire house. Then you have to buy 10% ownership. Also compensation may not be only financial. The owner, whose share in the house was less can take economic construction. It is necessary to share not only living space but also utility rooms, for example, attic or outbuildings. Also fall under the heading of engineering systems and communications of the house.
To the section if someone of the owners used part of the house that exceeds his share in right of common ownership, this is not a reason to increase its share. He can only get the volume that has the right to claim the documents.
In the case of a dispute go to court with a request to allot shares. The basis for this is article 252 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.