Feeding puppy get two separate aluminum or steel bowls for food and water, position them on stands, suitable for the growth of the puppy. Getting the food it needs to pull the muzzle up. Adjust the stand as the dog's growth.
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Food should be absolutely fresh, room temperature. Feeding times must be adhered to strictly, after feeding remove the bowl of food. The dog is not to overfeed, this will affect not its exterior. Water меняйте3-5 times a day, it should always be in a bowl.
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Feed your dog a concentrated food with a small volume. You cannot give your puppy sweets and poultry bones of any kind. Threat to his life can be a rib of beef or mutton bones.
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With one and a half months start to give your puppy raw beef bones. They have to give in the end of the meal, the puppy rushed at them greedily and chewed slowly.
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Up to three months, the puppy feed 6 times a day, up to four – 5, from four to six months to 4 times, then, before the year – 3 times a day. From one year to three years alabais are fed twice a day. After three years, proceed to one meal a day 6 times a week, one day, make the discharge, if the vet does not appoint other regulations.
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The transition to reduced the number of feedings, usually painless, the dog itself refuses one of them. The volume of food needed by the puppy, determine observe him. If your dog overeats, then the next feeding he reluctantly goes to the bowl and leave half-eaten food. Reduce its volume or reduce the number of feedings.
Do not feed the puppy between feedings and you have to include in his diet of fruits, vegetables, herbs – nettle, parsley, watercress, celery, dandelion greens, carrot tops and beets. For the prevention of worms every day, let him garlic. If the food is organized correctly, the puppy will be neither too thin nor thick.