Learning Alabai is best to start from the age of 2-2,5 months. Prior to this the puppy is still too young and will perceive training as a game. And dogs older than 3 months already acquire some skills and to retrain them would be difficult.
Training a puppy begins with learning the name. Better to do it before feeding and during the game. Putting food in the bowl, hold her in your arms and call the dog by name. When the puppy will come running - praise and put the bowl on the floor. During the game, take in hand a favorite toy dog, roll her, attracting attention. Call the puppy. When he escaped, praise, give a toy. Practice shows that smart alabam just 2-3 days of practice to remember your name.
The command "no" should be performed implicitly. The training will have to take myself in hand and to exercise severity, because cute puppies Alabai able to soften anyone. If you see your dog doing something that is forbidden, approach it and press your hands back closer to the tail. Puppy sits on the floor and distracted from the Affairs. Look him in the eye and strictly say "no". Hold for a few seconds, pressed to the floor, and release. If the puppy obeyed, praise and give a treat. If you started all over again - repeat your actions. Make sure the little one stopped to do what he is forbidden. Only then praise and feed.
Another important command for large dogs - "to me". A particularly valuable study, if Alabai lives in the city. While walking he can scare passers-by their formidable appearance, they will become confused, begin to do strange according to dog action. For example, waving. Alabai rushed to defend themselves and the host and can seriously injure people. To avoid this, learn the command "come". First training is with a leash. Release the puppy for 2-3 meter away. Then call the name and shout "me". When the baby will come running - praise. At first, the puppy realized that he should do to tighten the leash. And, of course, give a treat.