Alabais - watch dogs. From an early age the puppies are trying to protect owners and their property. This valuable quality should not only be encouraged but also controlled. Dedicated alabais sometimes too proactive, and trying to protect the home even when no danger was not threatening them. As well as adult Central Asian shepherd dog - a creature very large, to restrain their impulse pretty hard.
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Puppy Alabai need to teach how to be aggressive without a reason is prohibited. Teach him the command "Fu". He should run immediately and without repetitions. When the puppy does what he is forbidden, go to him, say strictly "Fu" and tap on the rump. This will force the kid to sit down and be distracted from their business. View the puppy in the eye and say "Fu". Release the puppy. If he relapsed, repeat their actions. If you stopped doing what you have forbidden, praise and give treat. In the early stages of training always feed the baby tasty if he deserved it. So he quickly remember the team.
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You must make it clear to the puppy that you are the chief. If you don't be such a large dog leader, this could end sadly. If you are walking the dog on a leash, do not allow it to pull you forward. The puppy may think that he is the leader. Let the kid go near you.
Teach your puppy a new command, "heel". To do this, put in pocket a treat, let the little guy feels. Make the leash shorter, the puppy felt the tension. Hold the dog next door, repeating the command "heel." Start the walk. Walk 10-20 metres and praise the puppy that he didn't try to push ahead. Give him a treat. Go ahead, repeating the command, and holding the leash. Eventually, when the puppy learn the command, you can loosen the tension or to unhook the leash.
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Always remember that alabais - strong and large animals, and can scare passers-by one of its kind. People can begin to make any sudden movements that the dog will perceive as a threat to themselves or the owner. In order to avoid accidents in crowded places wear on the muzzle Alabai, walk without a leash only where you are sure no foreign.