After you purchase a puppy do not rush to transfer him to a diet very different from that which he received from a breeder. If the puppy immediately translate to a new food, he may develop steric.
прикорм щенков среднеазиатской овчарки
Do not offer your puppy only dry food and improve the diet of such feed with natural food.
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Give food little puppy (1.5-2 months) should be 6 times a day, gradually reducing the number of feedings and increase servings. By 8 months, the puppy can be transferred to diet adult dog – 2 times a day. If the puppy is unable (or unwilling) to eat so often, feed him less often, but maintaining a full daily ration.
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Plant foods (cereals, vegetables) should make up no more than 30% of the diet of the little Caucasian. Cereals should be well seethe, so that food is digested properly. Cook porridge with meat or good meat broth. As for the growth and development of the puppy needed high calorie, high protein diet (meat, eggs, cheese, sea fish). Up to 3 months dog fed only boiled meat.
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Do not accustom your puppy to the egg-cottage cheese diet, don't skimp on the purchase of meat. First, for physical and mental development of the dog must obtain a sufficient number of amino acids. Secondly, from the excessive use of eggs, the puppy may be allergic, and coat is the pride of the Caucasian, will become less dense.
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Since Caucasians are very fast gaining height and weight, they need a well-balanced diet not only proteins, fats, carbohydrates, but also vitamins and mineral substances. Let the puppies soft cancellous bone, hryaschik, scrolled through a meat grinder fish bone. The fish should be oily, as it is in this fish contains essential mineral substances that prevent rickets. Some breeders recommend feeding a puppy of Caucasian shepherd scar, as in the walls of the scar are already contained all the essential minerals and vitamins.
Vitamins and minerals sold in vetapteka, too, should not be ignored. When buying these supplements, pay attention to calcium, they contain about 1.5-2 times more than phosphorus.