Strongly inflate the cheeks, then relax your muscles. Make 10-20 repetitions.
Squeeze hands into a fist, put them on one another and lean on them with his chin. Try at the same time lifting the chin with your hands and pull it down, counteracting the pressure of his hands.
Type a mouthful of air, then inflate cheeks and how would roll the air inside of the mouth, trapping it under the bottom, then the top lip, then right, then left cheek. Count to 30 and then release the breath the air. Also, instead of air, you can use the language, leading them in the mouth and massaging the teeth and gums.
Closing his mouth, smykala and razmukaite teeth 10-12 times.
For smoothing fine lines around the mouth, stuff it the air and then exhale as much as possible of it. Repeat this exercise thrice a day for 15-20 times.
Alternately lightly touch all the teeth with the tongue. Start with the root.
Lips pull the tube and try to silently say the sound "U". In the same way, say the sound "O". Then alternate these two sound, repeating them several times.
Pull the bottom jaw forward and severely straining the muscles of the neck. Fix this condition and relax and counts to 3.
Try to reach the tip of the tongue to the base of the sky. And the farther you get, the better.
Close (but do not squeeze tight) my mouth and tighten your neck muscles as if you want to make a tremendous gulp.
Lower as possible below the corners of closed lips and at the same time tighten the muscles of the neck.