Exercises for the face (the so-called faulding) to restore elasticity of facial muscles, the skin of the cheeks, will help to restore the oval. It is important to begin. Start from the top sagging cheeks:- Inflate both cheeks, hold the air for 5-10 seconds and dramatically weaken. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times;- Re-enter the air in the mouth, blowing cheeks, but this time just run him up and down, left and right, then in circles. Repeat these steps 10-15 times;- Typed in the cheeks the air shocks blow through the thin crack between the lips. Should be "Pooh-Pooh-Pooh". Do 10 of these breaths. Then blow air alternately through the corners of the lips. The number of repetitions of the same set of the palm to the face: middle of the palm on the lips, fingers on cheeks. Smile, while resisting with your fingers. Remember to relax your cheeks after every smile;
Do not forget about strengthening the lower part of the cheeks:- "a Conversation between two monkeys. Put the top lip on the bottom, then Vice versa. Repeat 10-15 times;- Extend the neck, open your mouth and expose his lower lip, directing it to his nose. Relax;- Pull the lips as much as possible, put them tube and pochakaite.All of these exercises not only help to reduce the effects of "bulldog cheeks", but also to enhance the shape of lips. Their path becomes clearer, and the lips slightly to increase the size.
To increase the elasticity of skin cells collagen face mask and regularly visit the beauty salon to do there lifting and muscle toning of the face. The first procedure tightens the skin, and the second makes the muscles more elastic, which in General beneficial effect on the appearance of the face: oval is tightened, the skin is levelled, small wrinkles disappear.
Every night and morning host Pat with a towel to his chin. To do this, soak it in salted water, roll up into a bundle and then pulling, then relaxing, massage of the chin and lower cheeks. After that, wash your face and apply a moisturizer.