To make the cheeks fatter with the help of lipolifting, implantation and reinforcement of the skin with special threads. This is the main means of aesthetic surgery, which can increase not only the volume of the cheeks, but the cheekbones.
Lipolifting is a transplantation of own fat tissue. It is performed by a special micro-injection, which is injected into the area of the cheeks. The fabric for injection is taken only from areas of excess deposits of fat(stomach, buttocks), and then processed. The advantage of lipolifting over other procedures is a good acceptance by the body's own fat tissue. So it doesn't cause allergic reactions or rejection by the body. After the procedure, lipolifting on your face will remain scarred, and the body returns to normal in 3-4 days.
Implants will help you to adjust the shape of the cheeks or cheekbones, to give them the necessary volume. In this case, the implant is made from solid silicone. For its introduction is cut, the cheeks, from the inside or under the lower eyelid. Then the implant is attached to bone or to soft tissue. The risk of this operation is associated with the possible displacement of the implant, the occurrence of infection and graft rejection. Cheeks the first time will swell. The recovery period lasts more than a month.
Also make the cheeks fatter you can use bionitej, gold threads or filaments ARE. The thread secures the skin to the bone, and because of this the rest of your face appear as if in "suspended" state.
Gold threads create some mesh on the cheek, and around her formed collagen fibers. In turn, collagen gives the skin density and elasticity. The risk of complications after this operation is minimized. The recovery period is approximately 7 days.
There is an alternative operating correction of the face is contouring. Drugs or fillers, which are made from hyaluronic acid, are injected in the superficial and deep layers of the skin. The procedure is performed quite quickly – about 30 minutes. The result after contour correction is maintained for 6-12 months.