Better not do massage, if you on the skin are observed in inflammatory processes, increased growth of hair, flat warts, herpes. You must first remove these troubles.
So, first gather your hair under a hat or in a bun, don't forget to wash your hands with soap and clean the skin with lotion (this is mandatory in the case of oily skin). Dry skin is better to grease with a fat cream. After cleaning the face, apply a nourishing cream with a thin layer. Now you can proceed directly to the massage.
Watch out for smooth and easy movements. During the massage you should use a padded ring, index and middle fingers. Face massaged strictly "massage lines": the middle of the forehead – whiskey, wings of the nose, the whiskey, the corners of the mouth – the middle of the ears and middle of the chin to the earlobes. Start need massage with light strokes, then continue with a soft Pat on the lines of massage. If you have a lot of forehead wrinkles, will help the longitudinal and transverse stroking and tapping of the forehead. The chin should be massaged vigorously, using the entire hand. Pay special attention to the cheeks, since they strongly interfere.
The recommended course home massage of the cheeks and the entire face is 10 procedures. The duration of treatment should be 7-10 minutes. For maximum and rapid effect do massage at least twice a day. After the main massage course you will notice that the skin on his cheeks tightened considerably. To maintain the effect, it is sufficient to carry out maintenance massage once a week. After the session Pat dry to remove excess cream. If you want to immediately after a massage out on the street, not prepodavateli and put makeup.