Advice 1: How to put on weight only on my face

As there is a problem to lose weight in certain "problem" areas, and there is the difficulty to recover only on the face. Too skinny person to visually add age, because a good oval face and round cheeks is a sign of youth. How to put on weight only on my face, without adding in weight?
Very often a person loses weight from stress
Stop nervous. Very often a person loses weight from anxiety — responds to a constant stress, the hypodermis, the structure of which under its influence is changing, and the skin loses its turgor.
Take care of the skin you should cleanse, nourish and moisturize it. Maybe your face looks thin and haggard due to the fact that the skin became gray and dim, lost paint.
Do exercises for facial muscles. Impossible to get better or to lose weight in any particular place through diet. And if the spots on the body problem is easily solved in the gym, then face the "pump" is impossible. However, exercises for facial muscles will help to maintain and improve skin elasticity and better define the facial oval.
Eat food rich in amino acids and proteins, which are valuable material in the formation of skin cells. Maybe much better for you and never will, but your skin will Shine with health, the oval will become softer, and his cheeks are slightly rounded.

Advice 2 : Why a person loses weight

In some, the process of losing weight in a natural way starts with individuals, and for others it takes an effort. To person lost weight, it is possible to use complex methods responsible for reducing subcutaneous fat cover in one problem area, often regarded cheeks and chin.
Why a person loses weight
Asked why a person loses weight, there are several reasons, but they boil down to resorption of the subcutaneous fat. As a rule, when trying to reduce body weight, many people face is losing weight almost immediately, especially if a person has never had a double chin or chubby cheeks. But from the excessive roundness of the face, making the face oval more refined and elegant, is not easy, it will have to be on a special diet. If you want to get rid of double chin, you need every day to drink about two liters of purified water of mineral water without gas, and not to abandon green tea.Often the roundness of the face is not body fat, and edema, but the appearance of the latter may be due to the fact that the body is forced to constantly retain fluid because of its insufficient revenues. Although it is widely believed that edema occur due to excessive intake of fluids, but it is not so, their appearance is more conducive salty food. The other recommendation how to lose weight facem relates to diet. So, 50% of the diet should be only fresh fruits and vegetables contain the right amount of fiber and vitamins, and only the remaining 50% is a combination of all other products. To lose weight fast facem, fruit and vegetable dishes, including stews and salads, should be consumed three times a day, no skipping of any one meal and an Apple or grated carrots would be a great alternative to afternoon tea. Swelling of the face, swelling under the eyes, lack of fluid often associated with the insufficient function of the liver, the functioning of which is disturbed due to the negative effects of alcohol. A person loses weight gradually, if completely excluded from the diet of not only spirits, but seemingly harmless beer.To get rid of chubby cheeks and full chin, a special facial massage that any woman can do herself. To do this, dampen a Terry towel in a hot decoction of yarrow, sage, lime blossom and chamomile, a good twist, and then stretch. If this towel patting at least 15-20 times on the chin and on the cheeks can be improved krovotok and dissolve subcutaneous fat on the face. But between the strokes of the towel must be a pause of about 10-15 seconds between each cotton and apply too strong shocks, as it otherwise can damage the skin.
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