Stop nervous. Very often a person loses weight from anxiety — responds to a constant stress, the hypodermis, the structure of which under its influence is changing, and the skin loses its turgor.
Take care of the skin you should cleanse, nourish and moisturize it. Maybe your face looks thin and haggard due to the fact that the skin became gray and dim, lost paint.
Do exercises for facial muscles. Impossible to get better or to lose weight in any particular place through diet. And if the spots on the body problem is easily solved in the gym, then face the "pump" is impossible. However, exercises for facial muscles will help to maintain and improve skin elasticity and better define the facial oval.
Eat food rich in amino acids and proteins, which are valuable material in the formation of skin cells. Maybe much better for you and never will, but your skin will Shine with health, the oval will become softer, and his cheeks are slightly rounded.