Insert vaginal suppositories is better at night. If you plan to have sexual intercourse, the drug is best to use after its completion.
Before the procedure the woman should be thoroughly wash with warm water.
Vaginal suppositories, as a rule, it is recommended to store in the fridge. To get him medication right before the introduction of candles, otherwise at room temperature vaginal candle may melt.
To insert vaginal candle the woman is lying on her back. The principle of the process of administering the medication in the vagina is similar to the introduction of the tampon. The only difference is that a vaginal should try to push as deep as possible inside.
Inside the woman's body vaginal candle dissolves completely, so no its residues do not need to get. All excess medication if they will, derive themselves.
After the introduction of vaginal suppositories, the woman need to lie down without moving for 10 to 15 minutes to cure then running out back, failing to exert its therapeutic effect.
During treatment, vaginal candles women are recommended to protect your underwear from unwanted traces of spilled medication daily strip.
A woman can not forget about the morning washing away with warm water throughout the course of treatment of vaginal candles.