Vaginal contraceptives in the form of suppositories are the spermicides, the main components of which are either nonoxynol or benzalkonium nitrate. Both of these substances are detrimental on here, the membrane and reduce the sperm motility, providing good contraceptive effect. However, when using them one should remember that this type of contraception does not protect against unwanted pregnancy 100% but only 80%.
If a woman chooses as contraception candle, it must be remembered that they contain in their composition acids, collapsing under the influence of alkaline medium – for example, soap used for cleaning. It reduces the effectiveness of the contraceptive, it is better to use for intimate hygiene ordinary pure water or the foaming means does not affect the pH balance of the vagina and combined with a spermicidal agent. To enter the contraceptive candles should be lying on your back, approximately forty minutes before sexual intercourse. Before re act need to use another candle.
The most popular and effective are the candles "farmateks", "Benateks and Erotics", consisting of benzalkonium chloride. One such contraceptive suppository ten minutes before intercourse, as it rapidly melts into the vagina. The contraceptive effect of these candles is maintained for four hours. The interval between repeated injections of funds should be about ten minutes.
Also, good effect gives the candles on the basis nonoxinol "Sterilin", "Patentex Oval" and "Nonoxynol", which is also used ten minutes before intercourse, and retain its contraceptive effect for two hours. In addition to the contraceptive effect in the form of fragmentation, reduction in sperm motility and their destruction, data intravaginal candles destroy fungi, viruses and bacteria, sexually transmitted and causing a number of relevant diseases. For maximum effect should as far as possible to introduce them into the vagina to keep the candles had melted and provide the contraceptive effect.