Advice 1: Candles "Terzian": is it possible to apply them at monthly

Sometimes it is not easy to choose a drug that can be used in almost all situations without thinking about the consequences. A vaginal suppositories for the treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases have limitations for use during the "critical days". The highest criteria of reliability correspond to vaginal tablets "Terzian". What are they so good?
Candles "Terzian": is it possible to apply them at monthly

How does the drug "Terzian"

This highly effective vaginal tablets used for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere of women. Members of the drug tinidazole and neomycin are many pathogens, including difficult-to-eradicate for Trichomonas, which makes it effective even under mixed infection. Contained in tablets nystatin eliminates fungal colonies, prednisone reduces the swelling, itching and contributes to the extinction of the inflammatory process. Besides, vaginal tablets "Terzian" are composed of oil of cloves and geranium, which have anti-inflammatory effects and contribute to the restoration of the vaginal mucosa. "Terzian" working with hormonal drugs, for example, with gel ", Progestogel".
Side effects of using vaginal tablets "Terzian" extremely rare, they usually occur after a few minutes after administration and manifest as burning sensation.

How to apply "Terzian"

Vaginal tablets "Terzian" act only locally, so patients don't have to worry about the side effects associated with the penetration of the drug into the blood. To be treated this tool pretty simple, it is necessary for 10 days to insert into the vagina 1 tablet to increase efficiency, there should be half a minute to hold her in the water. The use of the drug "Terzian" can be combined with physiotherapy.
The therapeutic effect of using the drug "Terzian" occurs much faster than during the medication inside.

Can I use "Terzian" during the month

Unlike vaginal plugs, tablets, wash away menstrual blood, even if the month is abundant. Menstruation is the natural provocation of the inflammatory process. In other words, this period is the "shake" of the woman's body, which manifest all the latent infection. Thus, during this period, the drug will be more effective to influence a variety of infectious agents. Hence the delay of treatment due monthly in this case is inappropriate. Whether to accept vaginal medicines during menstruation, the woman should solve it directly with the doctor. In a statement to "Terinyo" clearly indicated that during menstruation, the treatment should not be interrupted.

Advice 2: How to use candles "Terzian"

"Terzian" is available in only one form of issue ─ in vaginal tablets, often confuse them with candles. That is, speaking of candlelight "Terzian", I mean pills. The pharmacist will correct you and give the right medication. Appoint a "Terzian" in reproductive tract infections or as insulating means before and after medical procedures.
How to use candles "Terzian"
Bought drug is put in a dry dark place near the bed. Keep the preparation in refrigerator is not recommended. Optimum storage temperature is 25 ° C and at higher temperatures "Terzian" loses its properties. Storage life — not more than 3 years from date of manufacture.
Apply medication at night before bedtime. You should wash or take a shower, prepare a Cup of water, the daily pads and sanitary napkins. If there is no possibility to take a shower, use wipes for intimate hygiene.
Lie on your back, place under the back cushion or pillow (this will simplify the introduction of the tablets). Remove the tablet from the blister and dip it for half a minute in the water. Gently insert the tablet into the vagina as deeply as possible. Tablet, entered shallowly, will not have the desired therapeutic effect.
Wear linen, securing his shorts on the daily strip, a wipe of the hand. In the morning can be discharge from the genital tract. The amount of dissolved pills can be up to 2 teaspoons, daily strip will save you from discomfort.
In the morning, take a shower, as usual, but it is better to postpone it for at least half an hour to the remains of the pills finally came. During treatment it is recommended to wear cotton underwear and apply daily strip ─ the allocation in the first few days can be more abundant than usual.
The course of treatment is not less than 10 days in the treatment of mycosis ─ 20 days. It is impossible to interrupt the treatment after the first signs of improvement and during menstruation. When menstruation enter "Terzian" as usual, give up the tampons in favor of sanitary pads and have a handy antibacterial wipes to wipe hands after the introduction of the pill.
You should abstain from sexual intercourse, swimming pools, baths, saunas, bathing in open ponds and other water treatments. It is impossible to take alcoholic drinks, especially if you receive additional therapy in the form of antibiotics for internal use.
Once "Terzian" is used before and after some medical procedures. Before installing the IUD, abortion, performing diagnostic procedures, before birth — in these cases, "Tarinan" allows to prevent the development of infections. If necessary, the doctor prescribes a single administration "Teriana" after the manipulation. In some cases, may require a more long-term prophylaxis prior to procedures.
Pregnancy is not a contraindication for treatment. Often, pregnant women diagnosed with yeast vaginitis, "Terzian" in this case is a safe and reliable drug. In the first trimester, the use of "Teriana" is prohibited, the treatment begins in the second or third trimester.
You cannot take the drug orally. Do not use the drug ahead of the visit to the doctor ─ it could complicate diagnosis, and in the presence of infections to provoke immunity of microorganisms to the active agent.
Slight burning in the vagina for several days after the start of treatment is not a reason to cancel "Teriana".
Useful advice
If you have appointed a 12-day treatment ─ purchase packs of 6 tablets.

Advice 3: How often can I use Terginan

"Terzian is a combination drug product intended exclusively for local use for the treatment of gynecological diseases. The effectiveness of this medication is achieved through the impact of the specific components included in the "Teriana". In addition, this drug has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and Antiprotozoal properties.
The frequency of medication Terginan

Instructions for use of the drug "Terzian"

It should be noted that this medication is available in the form of vaginal tablets, and used only for local curative treatment. The main indication for the use of "Terginan serve as a local inflammatory disease caused by a protozoal infection, or the anaerobic species of bacteria. A major factor in successful treatment is a significant decrease in severity of symptoms. In addition, the positive outcome of therapy depends on the implementation of the preliminary bacteriological diagnosis of vaginal discharge.

In that case, if the woman planned surgical intervention, the use of "Teriana is based on the prevention of infectious complications directly in the postoperative period. For this six-day prescribed course of medical therapy with this drug, which must be completed three days before the operation. In the preventive purposes the use of medication "Terzian" it is advisable to hysteroscopy, therapeutic procedures on the cervix, labor or abortion.

"Terzian" in the form of vaginal tablets should be used with the method of introducing them into the vagina, pre-moistened with water. For best result is to lie down in a quiet state for about ten minutes. Recommended "Teriana" not more than one tablet a day. As a rule, the duration of therapy is ten days. However, in the presence of fungal infections the treatment duration may increase to twenty days. It must be remembered that the break between courses of medical therapy "Teriana" shall be not less than six months. This is because microorganisms are able to adapt to existing components of the tool, causing the treatment to fail. It is noteworthy that menstruation is not a reason to stop treatment drug therapy "Terzian". To avoid re-infection it is advisable to conduct examination and treatment regular sexual partner.

Side effects of medication "Terzian"

Basically, this drug is well tolerated. However, it can occur an allergic reaction caused by intolerance to some components. In addition, after the introduction of tablets in the vagina can be observed a pronounced burning, itching, and redness of the genitals. With the development of such symptoms should stop using the medication.

Allowed the use of "Teriana" during pregnancy solely under strict indications physician. Because only he can correctly assess the possible risk to the fetus and make appropriate recommendations for medical therapy.
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