How does the drug "Terzian"

This highly effective vaginal tablets used for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of the sexual sphere of women. Members of the drug tinidazole and neomycin are many pathogens, including difficult-to-eradicate for Trichomonas, which makes it effective even under mixed infection. Contained in tablets nystatin eliminates fungal colonies, prednisone reduces the swelling, itching and contributes to the extinction of the inflammatory process. Besides, vaginal tablets "Terzian" are composed of oil of cloves and geranium, which have anti-inflammatory effects and contribute to the restoration of the vaginal mucosa. "Terzian" working with hormonal drugs, for example, with gel ", Progestogel".
Side effects of using vaginal tablets "Terzian" extremely rare, they usually occur after a few minutes after administration and manifest as burning sensation.

How to apply "Terzian"

Vaginal tablets "Terzian" act only locally, so patients don't have to worry about the side effects associated with the penetration of the drug into the blood. To be treated this tool pretty simple, it is necessary for 10 days to insert into the vagina 1 tablet to increase efficiency, there should be half a minute to hold her in the water. The use of the drug "Terzian" can be combined with physiotherapy.
The therapeutic effect of using the drug "Terzian" occurs much faster than during the medication inside.

Can I use "Terzian" during the month

Unlike vaginal plugs, tablets, wash away menstrual blood, even if the month is abundant. Menstruation is the natural provocation of the inflammatory process. In other words, this period is the "shake" of the woman's body, which manifest all the latent infection. Thus, during this period, the drug will be more effective to influence a variety of infectious agents. Hence the delay of treatment due monthly in this case is inappropriate. Whether to accept vaginal medicines during menstruation, the woman should solve it directly with the doctor. In a statement to "Terinyo" clearly indicated that during menstruation, the treatment should not be interrupted.